About The Pastor

Dr. Gary Berry

Dr. Gary Berry, the founding and only pastor to serve Liberty Baptist Church, was saved in 1968, at the age of nineteen years old.  Not long after his wonderful life changing salvation experience, he answered the call of God to preach the wonderful word of God.  He has now been doing so for over forty years.
Dr. Berry proudly served our country in the Army for two years.  Soon after his military duties had ended, he became the Bus Director of Bible Way Baptist Church in Boone, North Carolina.  He served the Lord in that position for four years and then returned to Charlotte, North Carolina in the fall of 1977, and in October of that same year, he obediently answered the call to "Pastor."
On October 13, 1977, he organized Liberty Baptist Church.  The church began to grow under his leadership and obedience.  Thousands have come to Christ since that day.
A very special day in our Pastor's life occurred in May of 1997  Pastor Berry received his Doctor of Divinity Degree from Texas Baptist College of Longview, Texas.   
Several great men of God have influenced his life in a great way: Brother Richard Horney (Bro. Horney was preaching when Dr. Berry was saved), Dr. Jack Hyles, Dr. Oliver B. Greene, Dr. Curtis Hutson, Dr. Lee Roberson, Dr. Jack Hudson, Brother Maize Jackson, Dr. Lester Roloff, and many others.  All of these great men of God are now in Heaven.
Dr. Berry married his wife, Mrs. Cathy Berry on October 21, 1972.  They have three sons; Timothy and wife Angie, Benjamin, and Matthew and wife Lisa.   The Berrys have two grandchildren.
Mrs. Cathy Berry speaks at several ladies conferences each year. She can be contacted at her e-mail address: mrscathyberry@gmail.com